Care and Maintenance

May 18, 2017by admin

It will live longer, if it is kept clean.

Dust the leather very well. If dust stays on leather, it will damage the leather over time. If a substance- which cannot be dried or cleaned by handkerchief- is spilled on the leather, gently pull a sponge with suds on the leather surface and wipe the stain off. Then, dry it with a handkerchief. Note that this method only suits coated leathers.

Keep Leather Alive

Once in every few months oil your leather products with fine and high-quality leather waxes. Ordinary and low-quality wax erodes the leather surface over time. We emphasize that you only apply leather wax. It is recommended that you use the wax at nights and keep the leather in a closed place till morning. That is because the recently-oiled leather absorbs dust, and it eventually damages and darkens the leather.

Protection is Important

Do not keep the leather in a humid place, because it may produce mildew. However, keeping leather products in air-tight plastic wrappers/containers also damages them. Never leave the leather in sunlight for long and keep it in a dresser away from dust and sunlight. In case you do not want to use your leather products for a long time, stuff them with crumpled newspapers so that they keep their shapes.