Design Stories

May 18, 2017by admin

Dokmeh Comes from Life

The design ideas of Dokmeh handcrafted creations do not come from far away; they come from here and now, from people’s lives and the objects around them. These objects are an inseparable part of their owners’ personalities and lifestyles, and have mysterious stories.

Stories Will be Revived

Dokmeh delves into the everyday life, and through recreation and reminding the deep-rooted forgotten stories provides its followers with state-of-the-art authenticity and originality. It is a past that turns into the present; one which would like to linger.

The Naming of the Handcrafted Creations

The name of each handcrafted product is part of its character. The general idea of naming in Dokmeh comes from using beautiful and unique names of cold and warm villages around Iran.

A handcrafted creation born in the cold season, takes its name from a cold village while the name of one having a warm nature, is selected from a warm place.